sourceforge vs. google code -> assembla?

I was looking for a open source hosting service today. So far, I have been with sourceforge, but I thought I should give google code’s project hosting a go. To cut a long story short, I wasn’t very pleased with it. Initially, I thought the pros and cons are more or less:

+ largest open source hosting service
+ many features
– website is a little confusing

Google code
+ nice clean website
– features more basic

Those points seem more or less valid, however: Basic is really understating it, in fact google code lacks some very essential features such as using an alias instead of displaying your full email address with all your actions, or being able to erase your google code account once it has been created. I couldn’t believe it, but the only way to get rid of google code once you have registered appears to be removing your entire google account, which would in my case also remove me from several google groups. So, if you only want to try google code, use a spam address! The idea, of course, is to keep you in the google world, yet, for me this tastes a little bit too much like the philosophy of a computer manufacturer that starts with “a”.

Considering all, I think that might actually be a nice alternative for what I was looking for in google. Assembla is a commercial project hosting service. I used them for a few smaller projects, and I was very pleased with their service, in fact, it’s exactly what I was looking for in google code – easy, flexible, looks good. They do offer free hosting for open source projects, however, the downside is that that your project will probably be less visible than at the big open source hosting services.

In the end, I stayed with sourceforge.

One thought on “sourceforge vs. google code -> assembla?

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