Ecology blog roundup

Three recent posts that that I found interesting:

1) Ecologist’s footprints: Corey Bradshaw over at ConservationBytes has an interesting article about the ecological footprint of working ecologists.

2) Consumer power: Marcelino Fuentes at Biopolitical doubts Pavan Sukhdev’s recent nature article is right in stating that cooperates are predominantly responsible for overconsumption – he argues that the amount and type of produced goods is controlled by the demand and not vice versa. I’m swaying on that one, a topic made for long debates at any rate.

3) The sense of mathematical modeling: And finally, Joan E. Strassmann at Sociobiology complains about the “The trouble with theory”. An older post by Amy Hurford might be interesting in this context as well.

One thought on “Ecology blog roundup

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