Science: It’s a girl thing!

Ok, I might be a bit too bloactive these days, but I couldn’t deprive you of that one, although probably you would have heard about it anyways as it will be all over the blogs by tomorrow. As Bob’s post made me aware, the European Commission has commendably taken it upon them to increase gender equality in science. The campaign is called Science: It’s a girl thing!. It’s all flashy and pink, and they appeal to altruism and curiosity in the young females:

Want to save lives? Keen to find out what’s lurking in the nether regions of space, or in the deepest ocean trench? Passionate about the environment? Do something about it! The next great discovery could be yours, so come and take up the challenge.

That should work to get the girls flooding into the labs, they sure got me. Specially because they promise dream jobs in science. I could definitely do with a dream job. Sadly so, as today, this link only led to this website:

This was a big disappointment to me, but probably they wouldn’t have taken me anyways, male as I am.

The best thing, however, is the campaign “teaser” which they put on youtube, at least for about a day – after hundreds of negative comments it was apparently taken down, the old link was here). However, some people put it up again, I guess it’s fair to link to it, after all it’s produced with tax payers money (not sure how long this will stay up though). Beware of the the lab-stick aeem, pardon me, I mean: lip-stick! 😉

As a disclaimer: no offense intended towards the colleagues that are portrayed by the campaign, that looks fine to me and it’s a good cause. I wonder though whether those “women in science” had any say in how the rest of the campaign was designed.

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