Higgs discovery (practically) official

Tension peaked before the seminar this morning at CERN (see video below). In the presence of some of the fathers of this theory, including Peter Higgs, both CMS and Atlas reported strong evidence for a a Higgs-type particle at around 125 GeV, and the Atlas collaboration also crossed the 5 sigma threshold that is traditionally required for an official discovery. For particle physics, this may well be the most exciting experimental result in a decade, and it will be interesting to see what shape this particle will have when more exact results about the decay modes and therefore its properties are coming in in the next years.

See also my previous posts about the rumors, and a simple visual explanation of the Higgs mechanism.

Note: the recording of the livestream of the Higgs seminar was added later!

Addition 7.7.: here are the vixra unofficial Higgs combinations of both detectors (1) and (2). Also of interest might be a guest post of Stephen Wolfram on TRF.

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