Impressions from the 2013 Macroecology Meeting in Göttingen


For the last days, I was attending the 7th Annual Meeting of the Specialist Group on Macroecology of the Gesellschaft für Ökologie, organized by the group of Holger Kreft in Göttingen. It was a fun meeting, nice people as always, two very nice keynotes by Peter Linder and Jens-Christian Svenning, and my overall conclusion that the community here seems to continue to slowly move more into mechanistic and/or hierarchical modeling approaches although standard SDMs remain the working horses at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Impressions from the 2013 Macroecology Meeting in Göttingen

  1. interesting. My guess is (before looking at the program) that there must have been some interest in merging phylogenetics/evolutionary analyses and (macro)ecology?

    I find it quite surprising that only few journals out there try to address both evolutionary and ecological questions simultaneously. Well, there is Ecology Letters (which is probably too high to count;) and Proceedings B, but apart from that… OK, now it is Ecology and Evolution open access that hopefully will fill a bit this gap. But still, only few places to send out articles taking both perspectives.


    • Hi Anna,

      it’s true that there is still a divide between the community publishing in Evolution or Heredity and the those publishing in J. Biog. or Ecography, but my impression is that this divide is constantly narrowing down. There is a lot of interest in molecular biology and evolutionary mechanisms among (macro)ecologist, and quite a bit of work done as well. Including phylogentic information, for example, is practically standard. My feeling is that currently, you’ll have no problem to find an audience/journal when placing your work at this interface.


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