Back from Bayes

I just returned from teaching a workshop on Bayesian statistics together with Joe Chipperfield in Göttingen. The workshop was organized by the Biodiversity, Macroecology and Conservation Biogeography group in the aftermath of the Macroecology meeting, so quite a few people stayed over the weekend after the meeting, and it generally turned out to be a really nice and productive course (at least that was my impression).

In case you would have been interested in the course: as in the last years, we’ll organize a summer school on Bayesian statistics this year, the invitation is not out yet but it is practically certain that it will be in Freiburg, Germany, last week of July, so save the date! (the invitation will be posted here)


4 thoughts on “Back from Bayes

    • With visiting, do you mean us or the participants?

      For participating – the summer school in Freiburg is open to everyone, it will be a week in a hut in the mountains, so we expect that most people will be from somewhere else.

      Teaching somewhere else – in principle yes (in Göttingen we did), with the obvious caveat of finding the time.


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