Heading home from the GFÖ 2013 in Potsdam

I’m heading home from the annual meeting of the Ecological Society Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GFÖ) 2013 in Potsdam, which was, like every year, enjoyable and abundant with the usual suspects of the small German-speaking ecological world. The organization and the venue were great, big thanks to the local hosts around Florian Jeltsch. If you thought after INTECOL the whole world was tweeting, be assured there is a small village that is resisting the invasion of technological change, #gfoe13 died a slow death 😉

On the scientific side, we had an excellent session on “Functional diversity of vegetation: Linking modeling and empiricism” organized by Anja Rammig, Alice Boit, Kristin Bohn and Jens Kattge, which concentrated on (functional) trait diversity and how to include this in vegetation models. The topic of my talk was a bit outside the center of the session, dealing with Bayesian parameter estimation for vegetation models using heterogeneous data, but I hope still close enough to blend in nicely with the rest of the talks, which (the talks) I really enjoyed. In case someone is interested, I have uploaded my slides below.

So, *when shall meet again*? I guess next year, rumor has it that Hildesheim will be the place 😉

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