Training school and workshop on calibration and validation of dynamic vegetation models in France

Two events I’m involved in that may be interesting for people that work on connecting process-based vegetation models to data. Both are organized through CA 1304 PROFOUND, and fully funded by COST:

  • There will be a training school on Bayesian calibration, forecasting and multi-model predictions of process-based vegetation models in Rencurel / Grenoble, France, 12.-16. of May. Details here.
  • Also in Grenoble, after the training school, there will be a workshop of PROFOUND WG3, on various technical questions of model calibration. Details here.

For people not familiar with COST, I should add that this is EU funding for connecting European researchers. If you are from outside Europe, it is typically no possible to fund you.

Mountains around Rencurel / Grenoble

Mountains around Rencurel / Grenoble


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