International Summer School: Introduction to Bayesian Statistics 13. – 18. Sept 2015, Bergen, Norway


Bergen, Norway

For a few years now, Jörn Pagel, Joseph Chipperfield, Björn Reineking (in the beginning) and I have been teaching an introductory summer school in Bayesian statistics. In previous years, we were in Bayreuth 2011 Bayreuth 2012, Göttingen 2013, Freiburg 2013 and Bergen 2014.

This year, we will be again in Lygra, a beautiful field station close to Bergen, Norway. Topics of the summer school will include

  • Introduction to concepts of Bayesian statistics (Priors, Likelihoods, etc.)
  • Sampling methods (i.e. Markov Chain Monte Carlo)
  • The Bugs model language and its implementations such as JAGS and OpenBugs
  • Lots of examples for estimation of “conventional” as well as hierarchical models with Bayesian inference

Applications via the course website. Below some pictures from last year


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