6 thoughts on “The BayesianTools R package with general-purpose MCMC and SMC samplers for Bayesian statistics

    • It’s the processmodel you want to fit, and your observed data that you want to use to calibrate this model. As written in the text, this is pseudocode, it’s not supposed to run, you have to adjust this to your specific problem.

  1. Dear Florian Hartig,

    Thank you for your informations and package. I have been using this BayesianTools for estimating Posterior distribution of non-communicable disease model. I have a question “How can I turn these parameter chains into outcome chains”? Do you have an example code in your package if this is possible directly from the chains or if we have to rerun the model with parameters from the chains.

    Best regards,

  2. Is the lower plot using plotTimeSeriesResults()? I had trouble getting this to work because I do not have an observation at every time step, and it didn’t seem to like NA. Does the error function have to return a vector of absolute errors corresponding to the “mean”?

    • Yes. I had thought NAs should work, but maybe it doesn’t – I have filed this as a question at https://github.com/florianhartig/BayesianTools/issues/102

      Thanks for the hint with the error function, it’s really not clear in the help. I updated the help to

      @param error function with signature f(mean, par) that generates observations with error (error = stochasticity according to what is assumed in the likelihood) from mean model predictions. Par is a vector from the matrix with the parameter samples (full length). f needs to know which of these parameters are parameters of the error function. See example in \code{\link{VSEM}}

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