Biotic interactions and jSDM – report from a workshop at the Ecology Across Borders conference in Ghent, Dez 2017

A reblog from AK Computational Ecology, summarizing a panel discussion I participated in on Biotic interactions and jSDM at the Ecology Across Borders conference in Ghent, Dez 2017.

AK Computational Ecology

This guest post by Carsten F. Dormann, with inputs from Casper Kraan and the panel (see below) summarises the results from the short workshop “Biotic interactions and joint species distribution models” at the Ecology Across Borders BES/GfÖ/NEVECOL/EEF-meeting 2017 in Ghent, Belgium. The purpose of this event was to exchange thoughts and questions about joint Species Distribution Models (jSDMs) and their ecological interpretation, in particular as indicators of biotic interactions.

1 The Panel

The workshop was organised and moderated by Carsten Dormann and Casper Kraan (who regrettably was ill and could not attend). A panel of five people using/developing jSDMs answered questions (or comment on points of views) expressed by the workshop participants (“audience”): Heidi Mod (Uni Lausanne, CH), Jörn Pagel (Uni Hohenheim, D), Melinda de Jonge (Radboud Uni, NL), Florian Hartig (Uni Regensburg, D) and Nick Golding (Uni Melbourne, AUS).

2 Introduction (CFD & CK)

In the workshop, we implicitly…

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