For the reason that scientific work (mine and those of others) that is discussed here may be under specific copyrights, you should assume by default that content on this blog, in particular artwork, may be copyrighted and may not be distributed, modified or otherwise reused. As far as I am the sole owner of the content, however, I agree to a use under the Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike Creative Commons license. In doubt, contact me.

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2 thoughts on “Copyright

  1. Hi Floriant!
    I am using your betterPairs() R code in an article, which I intend to publish and I would like to insert some reference if you have it.
    Thank a lot,


    • Hi Daniel,

      in my view, a reference in the article is not necessary for something as simple as a small script to produce plots. It’s fine if you just keep a note in your source code about the origin of the function, e.g. a comment saying that the code is from Florian Hartig, link to blog, or something like that.

      If you absolutely want a reference – we use the function in this paper: Hartig, F.; Dislich, C.; Wiegand, T. & Huth, A. (2014) Technical Note: Approximate Bayesian parameterization of a process-based tropical forest model. Biogeosciences, 11, 1261-1272.



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