Random collection of data sources for research and teaching


Distribution / Presence / Absence

Ebird (Citizen Science Bird observations)

Tree Data

Raphaël Pélissier, Jean-Pierre Pascal, N. Ayyappan, B. R. Ramesh, S. Aravajy, and S. R. Ramalingam. 2011. Twenty years tree demography in an undisturbed Dipterocarp permanent sample plot at Uppangala, Western Ghats of India. Ecology 92:1376.

Forest stand structure and composition in 96 sites along environmental gradients in the central Western Ghats of India.
Ecology 91:3118.

Kerry D. Woods. 2009. Multi-decade, spatially explicit population studies of canopy dynamics in Michigan old-growth forests. Ecology 90:3587.

James R. Kellner, David B. Clark, and Michelle A. Hofton. 2009. Canopy height and ground elevation in a mixed-land-use lowland Neotropical rain forest landscape. Ecology 90:3274.

David B. Clark and Deborah A. Clark. 2006. Tree growth, mortality, physical condition, and microsite in an old-growth lowland tropical rain forest. Ecology 87:2132.

Wood Density

Phylogenetic Data

Tree of Live

Angiosperm Phylogeny Website

S. E. Williams et al. (2010) Distributions, life-history specialization, and phylogeny of the rain forest vertebrates in the Austalian Wet Tropics. Ecology 91:2493.

Allometric Data

Ulrich Brose et al. (2005) Body sizes of consumers and their resources. Ecology 86:2545,

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