Getting started in Leipzig

Here, I have collected answers to some FAQ of guests that visiting my former department in Leipzig. Might not be totally up to date, but I hope it’s still helpful!

Getting there

Leipzig has an Airport, but it’s not so well connected so you will probably not get a direct flight from where you are and it might be more expensive. The closest larger airport is Berlin (ca.1.5h by train). For intercontinental flights, many of which arrive in Frankfurt, it might even make sense to take the train directly from there (ca. 4h, direct connection), depending on the prices. Timetables of all national and international train connection and most of the German public transport can be viewed/booked at the website of the German Bahn.


We have rooms at the Institute which you can book at very reasonable rates, but its far outside. So, if you want to have some social life, go out to restaurants and see the city, a hotel in the city center might be preferable.

For Hostel/backpacker class accommodations, check out the Sleepy Lion (approx. 20 Euros per night, depending on the room type, a bit noisy).

A good budget hotel, excellently located, is the Motel 1 (approx. 60 Euros per night)

Finally, in the superior segment, the Steigenberger Grandhotel is a good choice (approx. 150 Euros per night)

Getting a flat

Fortunately, it’s easy to find a flat in Leipzig. An easy solution that is often used by our guests that stay for a short time only is this house which rents rooms in shared flats.

If you are willing to invest a bit more work to get something more personal and potentially also cheaper: many people rent their rooms in their shared flats (and also apartments) when they are leaving for a few months, and announce this on wg-gesucht. This would also be the place to look for long-term shared flats / small apartments.

Finally, (long and short term) apartments and houses that are rented by private persons and professional real estate agents are often announced on immobiliencout .

Getting a bike

A bike is essential in Leipzig. For very short stays, it might make sense to rent a bike, but for anything longer than a few weeks it will be much cheaper to buy one (50-100 Euros for a simple, used bike).

One popular choice is the bike market that is organized by Lucky Bike every first Saturday each month. Other options to check for used Bikes (and other used items) are

Other things

Finally: feel free to let me know about dead links or missing information.

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