My INTECOL slides

OK, final INTECOL broadcast: in case someone is interested, I have uploaded the talk I gave in London at slideshare. As said before, a preprint of the study is available on the arXiv. INTECOL13 Talk: Hartig et al.: Dynamic versus evolutionary stability – divergent insights from coexistence theory and evolutionary ecology from florianhartig

See you at INTECOL!

OK, I’m off to INTECOL, hope to see you there! I haven’t uploaded my slides, but I have put the preprint of the study I’ll be presenting on the arXiv. Hartig, F.; Münkemüller, T.; Johst, K. & Dieckmann, U. (under review) On the sympatric evolution of coexistence by relative nonlinearity of competition arXiv:1308.3114. If this…