Model averaging in ecology: a review of Bayesian, information-theoretic and tactical approaches for predictive inference

This (co-)guest post by Carsten F. Dormann & Florian Hartig summarizes a comprehensive review on model averaging for predictive inference, just published in Ecological Monographs.


Yes, statistical errors are slowing down scientific progress!

Over at dynamic ecology,  Jeremy Fox argues that Technical statistical mistakes are overrated; ecologists (especially students) worry too much about them. Individually and collectively, technical statistical mistakes hardly ever appreciably slow the progress of entire subfields or sub-subfields. And fixing them rarely meaningfully accelerates progress. continuing with Don’t agree? Try this exercise: name the most…

What’s wrong with null models?

A guest post by Carsten F. Dormann Over the last years, I have been using null models more often than I liked. I had to, when there was no other way to figure out if an ecological pattern was unexpected, or trivial. Inspired by some recent (and also some older) posts, I thought I might throw around…