Happy new year, and back on track!

Bratislava New Year Fireworks

The end of last year has been busy, with the result that my blogging activity had nearly ceased. No R holiday cards or end-of-the-year posts like other people. I’m happy to say though that, at least in spirit, but hopefully soon in writing as well, I’m back on track, so more frequent posting will commence again.

To spice this service announcement with a few real news: Carsten Dormann and I are looking for a postdoc that will be working on Bayesian parameter estimation and diversity effects with forest models. Experience in the following areas will be a plus: forest ecology, process-based forest models (particularly LPJ-GUESS), diversity effects, Bayesian stats, programming in C++ and parallel programming with MPI. The project is a part of the DFG Biodiversity Exploratories, but the position will also allow to take part in PROFOUND, a new European network that will bring forest modelers together to create multi-model probabilistic (Bayesian) projections of forest responses to global change. I will post an official job announcement soon, but interested candidates may already get in touch with us.


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