Model averaging in ecology: a review of Bayesian, information-theoretic and tactical approaches for predictive inference

This (co-)guest post by Carsten F. Dormann & Florian Hartig summarizes a comprehensive review on model averaging for predictive inference, just published in Ecological Monographs.


Training school and workshop on calibration and validation of dynamic vegetation models in France

Two events I’m involved in that may be interesting for people that work on connecting process-based vegetation models to data. Both are organized through CA 1304 PROFOUND, and fully funded by COST: There will be a training school on Bayesian calibration, forecasting and multi-model predictions of process-based vegetation models in Rencurel / Grenoble, France, 12.-16.…

Notes from France

I’ve just returned from two weeks in France, the first week on the International Statistical Ecology Conference 2014 in Montpellier, and the second at the Laboratoire d’Écologie Alpine (LECA) in Grenoble, visiting the groups of Wilfried Thuiller and Sébastien Lavergne, which was both great. Some impressions from the ISEC: First of all, my compliments to…